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Spring Skiing at Kirkwood

One last ski trip (and my first actual day of spring skiing)

During the drive to Kirkwood, I saw a sign for the Black Chasm Cavern, and asked Em for google info to see if it would be a nice sidetrip for the Little One.  I hadn’t seen Emily so animated for a while, apparently it would be a nice sidetrip for the Little One and even better side trip for the Geophilic One.  Volcano, here we come!

With time to kill until the next Cavern tour, we gave the Little One a bag of dirt and introduced her to sluicing..

Lo and behold, there were rocks, minerals, and gemstones in that dirt.  The geologic engineer was very happy helping identify her new treasures


Into the caverns. water table, 100 feet down..

Helictites filled the walls of the  third cavern

transitioning from cave bacon to angel wings (slowly)


The Dragon

Afterwards, the Little One led the charge to the surface.  She enjoyed the descent into the caverns. She was attentive and curious while in the caverns. But, when it was time to leave, she was focused on leaving without being distracted by the sights.

Short hike and playtime in the snow

It was warm

Earning her runs

Rocket time..

Near alpen glow on the Thimble (?) after dinner at the 7800 Bar and Gril(which was one of the least healthy meals we’ve had in a long time, Mac & Cheese, Nachos, and Pretzels with Whiskey Cheese Sauce.  and beers).  I still need a salad..

Little One with Mommy and Auntie Mamy sharing a chair


Warm up run

Carving the Trench of Terror !!!!

tele turns

twin tele turns

The snowboarder was done, but the skiers were chasing the Little One and her instructor.  Rob was really excited!!

Keeping busy while they do one more run…

The end of the final run

Coming for a surprise scoop!

packing the gear back in the camper


No hills


Easter Weekend 1: Mountainbiking

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  1. Nancy

    Wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing a bit of it with us!
    Grumpa and Nana

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