Mountain biking was the activity pulled from the Sportsman quiver for our Easter weekend trip to the Alabama Hills.  A slight detour to Keyesville, introduced Beryl to the Kern River Trails.  Unfortunately, it is too early in the year for the Kern River Canyon wildflower/California poppy display.

Getting her groove on the Trail Gator.  As an aside, this marks our last attempt to use the Trail Gator, regardless of the bike set-up, her bike tends to lean to the side limiting its usefulness, and further tightening only crushes her headtube

channelling MJ through the sand

Descending in loose, deep sand is a skill to be developed

There is never shame to hike-a-bike

She thrived on the single track

Will have to break that hanging-tongue habit

Even small inclines can be daunting with small wheels

Booboos happen

The other reason to detour…

Searching for better camp sites in the Alabama Hills. Helpful push through the sand