Team Sportsman adventures

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No hills

Lunch run along the Hayward shore

Flat as can be

There was a red winged black bird

a snowy egret or two


flock of American Avocets, a marbled godwit, the bay bridge and downtown SF






Shell of a Hawk

After a few years with our FWC Fleet, Emily developed upgraditis, which couldn’t be more out of character from someone that still uses secondhand gear from undergrad.  After a few months deliberation, we pulled the trigger and ordered a new FWC Hawk Shell.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to the Fleet, which now belongs to self-professed dirtbag climbers, and lives on a Tacoma, an appropriately sized truck for a Fleet.

Good bye Fleet

This morning we took delivery of the new Hawk..

Hello Hawk


Hello world!

the outSpokin’ Sportsmans are back with a new addition

Gummy worm powered hiking.  photo by RM

Gummy worm powered hiking. photo by RM

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