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No hills

Lunch run along the Hayward shore

Flat as can be

There was a red winged black bird

a snowy egret or two


flock of American Avocets, a marbled godwit, the bay bridge and downtown SF






Fun in the Rain

Walked to daycare this morning.

When not reminding me that unlike all the other kids saw this morning, she doesn’t have an umbrella, ours are too big for her to hold easily, and she’d really like one for her birthday


She really,


wanted to splash me…

A day at the Park

Pleasanton BMX Park

Just like a pro before a ride..

It didn’t take long for Beryl to get her groove on


She didn’t know about riding the wall…yet..


Preparing to get her pump on, gaining “Hero Speed” on the backsides


She had to walk a turn on the backside

until she learned to carry her speed

After a few laps, I gave up trying to run with her and just enjoyed the show



at the end of the day, she took the camera

I gave the Rat Ride a little workout


my Keirin Cut Jeans were good to go

She has a good eye

finishing strong with a selfie, in need of a tissue..



Shell of a Hawk

After a few years with our FWC Fleet, Emily developed upgraditis, which couldn’t be more out of character from someone that still uses secondhand gear from undergrad.  After a few months deliberation, we pulled the trigger and ordered a new FWC Hawk Shell.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to the Fleet, which now belongs to self-professed dirtbag climbers, and lives on a Tacoma, an appropriately sized truck for a Fleet.

Good bye Fleet

This morning we took delivery of the new Hawk..

Hello Hawk


Hello world!

the outSpokin’ Sportsmans are back with a new addition

Gummy worm powered hiking.  photo by RM

Gummy worm powered hiking. photo by RM

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